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Visit suzhou will eat six courses

Date: 2014-12-14

Squirrel fish
In mandarin fish (also known as mandarin fish, stone mandarin fish) processing, pine crane building traditional dish.From the initiative has been two hundred years of history, now it is world-famous, is one of the most famous dishes in China
Allusion: according to legend emperor qianlong jiangnan, pine crane tower came to suzhou, see a fetish alive on a tail carp, was named to cook for him.Chef how landing, the emperor did not dare to have a snub, not only in taste, and firing the squirrel shape of perk up the fish, qianlong praised after eating, the famous "squirrel fish".Nowadays, squirrel fish more fish as raw material, the color red sauce, crisp outside and soft inside, sweet and sour sweetness, color, aroma, taste, looks delicious.
Remind: with "peach blossom water mandarin fish fertilizer" in the tang dynasty, and taste the best season, squirrel fish recommended three, April every year.
The white juice can, food
Can, food, in fact, the turtle (turtle).White juice can, food is the turtle cut into squares, supplemented by yam, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, onion ginger, salt, wine and spices, after cooked lasagna, bright and consistency, in the salty and sweet taste, is a traditional dish in suzhou.
Remind: "cauliflower turtle" spring and autumn "osmanthus turtle" of the disease.So, suzhou in spring and autumn season to eat "white juice can, food" or "stewed turtle" nourishing vital customs.

Watermelon chicken
Watermelon chicken delicious fragrance, b. GuaXiang, nutrition is rich, is a traditional suzhou seasonal dishes.Fat hens as main ingredient, put the chicken in watermelon, pour into the chicken soup, and in the ham, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, etc.
Green Yang wonton Suzhou green Yang chicken soup, crab wonton, thick skin, lots of filling, clear soup, also with a few strands of thin kan-ssu tofu.B. water, without a hint of flour turbidity, but does not lose its fresh.Filling loose, having a sauce flavor, is developed with the style of the north south.
The dumb have
The soft have crisp outside, meat is delicious.Dumb have aged is the creator of the "dumb uncle" s, now the craft and possessions to the daughter, son-in-law, from the small alley store have had moved to view in the former regions.
Recommend a taste to: suzhou at pingkiang area near WenGuAn farringdon road no. 12
Transport: bus guanqian street east 55 road, 929 road, 811 road city hospital east east
Mother chicken
Also called 熝 pot chicken, is a traditional changshu king four restaurant dishes.Chicken with fatness "four yellow" new hen, with jade beam, cinnamon, star anise, fennel, galangal, turmeric and other ingredients, fine production, the oil when edible halide, dip in with soy sauce.BiLuo shrimps. To live shrimp and dongting river east of taihu lake watershed, xishan tea "biluochun" cooking, with strong local characteristics in suzhou.White shell shrimp shrimp mainly selects the dongshan area best, at the same time to bubble tea as edging around, green and white set each other off, the form of a delicious fresh.Water shield diving in pond piece
With specialty in taihu lake water shield (also called achieving food, water, kwai) and fish pond Li (commonly known as pond Li fish, fish, tiger sharks) as raw material, is Sue for one of the famous soup, delicious, aftertaste endless.
Occurring in the lungs of soup
Occurring in lung soup is a traditional suzhou mudu stone restaurant dishes.
Use of zebra fish liver, complementary with ham, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, etc., with the chicken soup burn becomes.The stomach is white, its back, striped, such as cheerily ball float on the surface of the water, is a specialty of suzhou.The fish in the fall of the year, meat quality is exquisite, unique flavor, b. taste fresh.People have a season in spring and autumn two eat "white juice can, food" or "stewed turtle" nourishing vital customs.