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Product knifefish To the suzhou south garden hotel

Date: 2014-11-25

consumer of suzhou south garden hotel features dishes - steamed saury common feelings.A few days ago, the jiangnan garden hotel held authentic saury tasting activities, participants after tasting the steamed saury, praised "exquisite cooking skills, the real" one by one.
Saury, attackers Ji, is a kind of migratory fish, and dolphins, shad and called China "the Yangtze river three fresh".
South garden hotel general manager Chen Tieying introduction, south garden hotel's special knifefish is authentic taste, famous, popular with people, in addition to cook unique skill, well-produced, mostly all selected authentic fine saury - from the jiangyin Yangtze river nantong to the growth of the period of water quality knifefish.
According to rich south garden hotel food and beverage director, saury points "the dao (growth) in the sea, the river (Yangtze river), lake knife" (lakes growth) to wait for a few kinds, and to the jiangyin Yangtze river nantong waters "jiang dao", is the best quality of saury varieties.
It is reported, in spring, saury crowds on the river, and, form the fishing season.Farmer's saying that "spring tides occur fog saury", saury when spring is one of the earliest fish.