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2014 the Mid-Autumn moon in suzhou

Date: 2014-08-20

March wind nets garden pavilion, enjoy the view
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Suzhou city, jiangsu province of the nets garden "month to wind pavilion" higher ground, surrounded on three sides by water, booth in hung in the middle of a big mirror, each to early moon, water, can be seen in the mirror, the three bright moon in the sky, alone into a spectacle.
"Month to wind pavilion is located in the nets garden" rosy clouds pool in the west, west bank water ya ju, surrounded on three sides by water, taking the poets in shao yung verse "the month to the heavenly heart, when the wind to the water".Pavilion east on the second column, hang He Shaoji bamboo to qing dynasty have "garden to wine firstfruits, chamber door open ShiYue circle".This is the literati garden pavilion of your kindness.
To the wind to pavilion, it is the most fun the breeze moon.Wind blowing from the surface of the water, and water tender;From the wind blowing on the slope of yungang, have the peace of mountains;Wind blew from bamboo, bamboo clear;From the pine wind blowing, generous with loose.The best season is autumn breeze moon, Mid-Autumn day, day high, at the beginning of the sun, a bright moon has moved on the southeast wall.At this time the wind cool in don't day, month Ming in the past.The sky bright moon hung high, the pool's timing set each other off, given and sweet sweet garden, and night fish in water, the ground silver a pool.Or with a few friends sharing time, or to admire the scenery alone, all for the activity.At this point, is in the busy downtown, and spirits have been like to swim in xanadu.
Ticket price: RMB 100 yuan
Scenic area act: the god of wealth, kunqu opera, pingtan, twirls dance, flute, guzheng, all kinds of folk music
Location: canglang