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Suzhou huqiu temple fair at the end of September

Date: 2014-07-24

New express - Recently, reporters learned from suzhou tourism, the annual tiger temple fair will be held on September 27 to October 19, and to "carry forward the folk culture, show gusu amorous feelings" as the theme, through environmental foil of temple fair, show performances, folk arts and crafts exhibition, suzhou flavor snack street foil festal atmosphere, form of concentrated deduce wu to traditional customs, show the gusu humanistic amorous feelings.
According to introducing, the temple fair during the activity into the tiger, you can be in sun tzu training ground to watch "ChengShiHuan drum", "this song", "peach blossom fan", "water fisherman's song", "ordinary SheCu" a total of five theme program;Stone area in one thousand people, have the opportunity to meet with "fu lu shou" samsung's honor guard acting dragon dance, lion dance, reading in Yin and jing can watch acrobatics, boat in waves, can watch the guzheng and pipa playing jiangnan silk.If through the mountain roads, seal cutting, dough figurine with characteristic of suzhou local arts and crafts such as lay in wait, as worth spending, to play.